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East Midlands Airport is owned by Manchester Airports Group and opened for passengers in 1965. Since that time it has grown to become a busy airport catering for passenger, freight and cargo flights.

This building houses the main airport check-in facility, passport control, terminal, and restaurants and offices for on site staff. The roof of the building is airside therefore security is extremely high.

The building is an unconventional plan form and of such a scale that a ‘flat roof’ was the only viable & economic solution. A ‘cut to falls’ scheme was required, working on the principle of minimum, rather than average U value.

This allowed the architect to use a syphonic drainage system, with a minimum number of roof outlets and a singular, large diameter rainwater pipe to remove rainwater from the roof. As a result, underground drainage & associated costs are kept to a minimum.

An Extensive Green Roof System was specified for the project and installed by one of Liquid Plastics Quality Assured Contractors W Hughes & Son.

The waterproofing is provided by a root resistant version of Decothane, situated at the bottom of the build-up. A drainage layer is also included before the roof is completed with a layer of low maintenance sedum.

Decothane Omega 15 - a high performance, fluid applied system - was specified because of its long running track record of use in demanding environments and its ability to withstand UV degradation.

Applied to the asphalt and extending up the parapets and under the stainless steel copings, Decothane Omega 15 provides a totally seamless finish, leaving no joints or fixtures which can allow water through.

The Jeremiah Horrocks Observatory located on Moor Park is owned by the University of Central Lancashire and its white glass fibre dome is a familiar site to residents throughout the Preston Area.

Originally treated in 1981, it was one of the first of the University’s buildings to be protected beneath a Liquid Plastics roofing system.

As Decothane is completely cold applied, works could be completed without any risk of fire and whilst the building was in use with minimal disruption to the people working below.

The system can be applied directly to the failed material, and once cured is guaranteed to last for at least 15 years before first maintenance is required.

W.Hughes & Son Ltd. specified a Cold Fusion Bonded Built-Up Roof System from Liquid Plastics.
A second roof area was also coated with Decothane Omega 15 and two new Decolight Pyramid Rooflights were installed.

The built-up system consists of a vapour control layer, Decotherm® insulation, a carrier membrane and a seamless Decothane ‘cap sheet’. The complete systemis fully bonded with Decostik® - Liquid Plastics’ revolutionary cold fusion adhesive.

The architects decided to use the existing tower to house the bedrooms and designed a ‘wrap-around’ extension to create everyday living space.

The flat roof of the extension and the flat roof at the top of the tower, which was to become a roof terrace, both required the application of a waterproof coating.

Chorley & South Ribble NHS Trust and Preston Acute NHS Trust merged in August 2002 to become Lancashire’s only Teaching Hospital NHS Trust.

The trust runs Chorley and Royal Preston Hospitals. It offers a range of acute services to local residents, serving an area of around 390,000. It also provides specialist services, such as plastic surgery, renal, cancer and brain surgery to 1.5 million people in Lancashire and Cumbria.

The Decothane Gamma 20 membrane is UV stable and will not discolour or embrittle with age. In addition, it incorporates glass fibre matting reinforcement which imparts high tensile strength and enables the system to tolerate a high degree of substrate movement.

It remains highly elastomeric throughout its 20 year design life and, at the end of this period, may be restored to its original durability by the application of a new top coat.

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